Various Ideas for Python and CPython

My ability to generate ideas for ways in which Python could potentially be improved in various areas vastly outstrips the time I’m willing to spend following up on them, kicking them around with other community members and turning them into suggestions that may actually prove to be a genuine enhancement to the language rather than just useless cruft new Python programmers have to learn in order to understand code other programmers might write.

As a result, there are plenty of ideas I’ve had that may actually have some merit, but that I don’t have the time to explore. Some of these are going to be bad ideas that justifiably won’t survive the gauntlet of python-ideas and python-dev review, while others may make sense as esoteric PyPI modules rather than as standard library or core language additions.

Beyond that, there are many fascinating things other people are working on, where I may be able to contribute some thoughts, but don’t have the time to get more directly involved. Those noted below are all core development related - there are many fascinating things going on in the community and education space, as well as at higher levels of the application stack (especially in web development and scientific computing) but in those spaces I truly am just an observer (albeit one that is enthusiastically cheering on those doing the work).

Development Philosophy

This sections covers my general development philosophy as it applies to Python and CPython in particular.

Dubious Ideas

This section is for ideas that would require changes to the Python language definition. All such proposals are deemed dubious by default - ideas that would make the core Python language definition better are vastly outnumbered by those that would make it worse :)

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